Hallmark Channel rebrand

The Hallmark channel rebranded itself with a new positioning line “The Heart of TV”.
“In creating a new tagline and remaining our brand presentation, we captured the essence of what Hallmark Channel stands for and what it does best – heartfelt, aspirational programming that evokes a wide range of emotions and responses,” said Susanne McAvoy, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Creative Services for Crown Media Family Networks.

“The Heart of TV” positioning was developed by brand strategist Lee Hunt & designed by Loyalkaspar .

Talent IDs (Impulsive)


Talent IDs (Crushed)


Talent IDs (Adventurous)


Talent IDs (Merry)


Talent IDs (Spooky)


Irresistible ID


Eager ID


Proud ID


Sweet ID


Brand Identity

Hallmark_01 Hallmark_02 Hallmark_003 Hallmark_004 hallmark_005 Hallmark_006 Hallmark_007 Hallmark_009 Hallmark_010 Hallmark_011 Hallmark_012



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