Velocity Network 2015

Velocity channel focuses primarily on automotive-oriented programming and other shows of interest to a male audience owned by Discovery Communications. Recently, it received a brand refresh done by the amazing folks at Nathaniel Howe Studios.

The Velocity network is the premier destination for entertainment in the automotive universe. Within their content there is an eclectic mix of rich programming revolving around six different genres. Six unique network IDs were created to represent each of their programming genres along with an all encompassing Flagship Hero ID.

“After putting our heads together, we came up with a versatile logo centric solution to the challenge. Whether an ID takes place on a vast raceway with large open skies, or deep within the interworking of an engine, we devised a way for these individual worlds to always live on or within a massive Velocity logo. This created a branded hook and logic to each of the six completely unique programming genres.

We treated the Velocity logo within each genre with an appropriate skin. Be that oil stained chrome, or a polished candy orange with racing stripes. This reinforces the programming genres while being mindful of the larger overarching brand. ” – Nathaniel Howe website

All IDs

Velocity logos

It follows the narrative of an abstract journey of raw materials, transforming into a modern, hero logo for the brand. Macro views of carbon fiber technology are seen of weaving themselves together, strengthening the logo. A final polish is laid across the heroic logo in the form of clear coats and pristine chrome details, accompanied by powerful sound design that feels massive.

The Velocity Motorsports programming genre is all about speed, and lots of it. Covering races around the globe, from rally, to superbikes to supercars. We thought, what better way to capture the heart of Motorsports than getting caught between a group of supercars tearing through a raceway. We focus on a hero car fighting it’s way through a pack of roaring engines to take the lead. In one grand pull back, breaking past the clouds overhead, we reveal the sweeping landscape of the raceway lives entirely on the backside of a massive Velocity logo. The logo then turns over to resolve the pristine a logo.

The DIY programming genre is all about doing it yourself. From buffing out that dent, to making your engine sing in tune again, DIY programing shows you how to do it. With this in mind we created a narrative of working on an engine, up close and personal, with an emphasis of a hands on approach. We didn’t want to see actual people working and distract from the engine, but we still wanted to capture the movement of tools and parts, that felt motivated by human work. After all the blood, sweat, and tears, the engine fires up with a loud, triumphant blast. We pull away from it to revealed the entire engine was sitting inside a large Velocity logo. The logo then turns over to resolve on a metallic oil stained finish.

The Treasure Hunts programming genre on Velocity, captures the excitement and adventure of uncovering rare and legendary cars, hidden away from the world for decades. Our priority was to speak to the eclectic mix of finds the genre encapsulates. From vintage Model-T’s to ultra rare exotic cars of the past. To do this, we built a structured collage of sorts, each piece comprised of a unique find. A vintage radio here, and racing fender there, bordered by a worn and out of print license plate design, and so on. Each piece is revealed as a dusty car cover is lifted away from them, reminding us that these treasures have laid in hiding for decades. Once the cover is fully lifted away, we realize that this whole structure lives on the reverse side of the Velocity logo. The logo flips around and resolves to a multi-material finish, in various states of condition.

The Velocity Auctions programming genre brings the thrill of being on the auction floor right to the living room. We knew right away that sound design would be a huge factor with this ID, so we captured all the iconic sounds of the floor. The murmur of an excited crowd, a burst of camera flashes, and an auctioneer talking a mile a minute. We wanted to create automotive eye candy so sexy, it was hard to look away from. We move across pristine surfaces of the auction cars, taking in their details and watching the light roll over their smooth, glossy curves. We move from car to car, eventually pulling back far enough to reveal each of these surfaces were built from a large Velocity logo. The logo flips and resolves to its hero auction state, a candy orange finish with racing stripes.

Builds and Restorations programming genre covers the ins and outs of breathing life into beautiful automotive machines. From scrap to track. We follow the narrative of an abstract journey of bare, raw materials, transforming to become something greater. Metal pieces are shaped, and polished to finished surfaces of paint and chrome. These pieces come and lock together to form something whole, resolving to a candy red and chrome Velocity logo.

The Consumer News & Information programming genre focuses on the latest and greatest the automotive industry has to offer. From performance analysis of the newest cars, to the cutting edge technologies inside. So naturally, we created a complete automotive media hub and gracefully move through it as it powers up in grand fashion. LED light arrays fire across the entire hub, and holographic raceways and intricate infographics overlay rich panels of glowing automotive media. Pulling away from the epicenter we see a massive globe power up and materialize before us. Pulling back even further, it is revealed that the entire hub lives fully on the reverse side of a large Velocity logo. The logo then turns over to resolve to a clean chrome finish.

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Check out for more.

Concept, Design & Animation : Nathaniel Howe Studios &  Lost Project
Sound Design : Hot Sake


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