ZEE Cinema 2015 Rebrand

Zee Cinema is aHindi satellite movie channel in India based in Mumbai. The channel is owned by the popular Zee Entertainment Enterprises.
The complete branding was done by 2veinte done for the agency Superestudio.
More info at: www.zeecinema.com

Zee Cinema

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Agency Credits:
Agency: Superestudio
Creative and executive director: Ezequiel Rormoser
Executive producer: Marcos Torres
Art director: Matias Vigliano
Producer: Jesica Singermann


Done by 2veinte
Creative Direction: Pablo Gostanian
Executive Producer: Agustin Valcarenghi
Art Direction: Pablo Gostanian
Lead Animation: Damian Sendin
Design: Alex Gostanian, Pablo Gostanian, Enmanuel Pelaez, Waldo Lara, Augusto Gabrys, Santiago Medina Neves, Diego Flores Diapolo.
Animation: Damian Sendin, Alex Gostanian, Enmanuel Pelaez, Santiago Medina Neves, Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga.
Shadding, Lighting & Rendering: Diamian Sendin, Diego Flores Diapolo.
Compositing & Postproduction: Diamian Sendin, Enmanuel Pelaez.
Producer: Geraldine Chaia Arazi
Music (reel): Stiletto by Joseph Trapanese, and Standingwave.


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