Canal Sony

Canal Sony is a new brand for Sony across Latin-America presenting the biggest and best-in-class shows from Hollywood, with strong, memorable characters and juicy, complex relationships. It is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, it airs in 26 countries in Latin America, including Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Peru.

The channel package works on the concept of the ever evolving’ Live Surface’ logo which triggers & morphs from time to time to reflect the channel content.The logo comes alive and feels like it is living and breathing with passion, colour and attitude.
The whole package is modern and dynamic as can be seen through the use of logo, colour, big bold typography and the image art direction.The colors used are just amazing and really popout from the screen. You can see that the logo is used as a navigation device cutting and slicing the center of the screen to reveal content.

DixonBaxi, an amazing UK based agency worked on the branding of this channel.

20150904_DB_WEBSITE_SONY_JG_281 20150904_DB_WEBSITE_SONY_JG_11 20150904_DB_WEBSITE_SONY_JG_221 20150904_DB_WEBSITE_SONY_JG_211 20150904_DB_WEBSITE_SONY_JG_271Canal Sony Canal Sony_ Canal Sony_ Canal Sony_Canal Sony_ Canal Sony_collect_11 Canal Sony_collect_16 Canal Sony_collect_13 Canal Sony_collect_17 Canal Sony_Package_Header Canal Sony_collect_6 Canal Sony_collect_7 Canal Sony_collect_8 Canal Sony_collect_9 Brand_Collect sony-ficate Canal Sony_viva_le_tele Canal Sony_funky


20150904_DB_WEBSITE_SONY_JG_26 20150904_DB_WEBSITE_SONY_JG_17Canal Sony


20150904_DB_WEBSITE_SONY_JG_18 Canal Sony_Ad1 Canal Sony_Ad2HD_Endpage_GRFX+(00056) HD_Endpage_TALENT+2+(00205) Canal Sony 001



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