Nova TV News

Re-branding of NOVA TV’s nationwide news programs Dnevnik, Vecernje Vijesti, Vijesti and Breaking News done by Flint Skallen
Design, concept and production of comprehensive news graphic packages, openers and closers for individual requirements of various programs. The work also included the design of insert graphics like political maps, weather maps and icons, as well as sports and economic graphs and tables.

Nova News 001 Nova News 021 Nova News 020 Nova News 019 Nova News 018 Nova News 017 Nova News 016 Nova News 015 Nova News 014 Nova News 013 Nova News 012 Nova News 011 Nova News 010 Nova News 009 Nova News 008 Nova News 007 Nova News 006 Nova News 005 Nova News 004 Nova News 003 Nova News 002


Client: Nova TV, Croatia
Agency: Flint Skallen, Munich
Concept, Design and Production: Perfect Accident Creative Services GmbH, Munich
Crative Direction: Martin Kett (PA)
Design & Animation: Patrick Becher


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