Sony Max India Rebranding 2015

SONY MAX is India’s premier Hindi Movies channel. It is one of India’s leading television network. SONY MAX provides its viewers with the biggest and best of Hindi Movies and Special Events.

The channel packaging was inspired by the mandalas and lotus flowers, which are typical of the Indian culture. The color palette is saturated and creates a vibrant, youthful and contemporary look for the channel. The animation reveals the different colored layers while showing everything the channel has to offer.
Apart from the brand colors, a special version with a different color palette was also incorporated by using gold and silver to achieve a premium and sophisticated look for special occasions.

Plenty an Art and Motion Direction studio located in Buenos Aires worked on the channel packaging.

Sony Max Sony_Max_9_back_in_01 Sony_Max_info_plates Sony_Max_id_channel_07 Sony_Max_id_channel_06 Sony_Max_id_channel_03_0 Sony_Max_text_pop_custom Sony_Max_end_board_01 Sony_Max_end_board_02 Sony_Max_2_billboard_01 Sony_Max_3_billboard_02 Sony_Max_5_aston_socialmedia_02 Sony_Max__aston_videohold_02 Sony_Max_id_channel_01_0 Sony_Max_id_channel_02_0 double_bill_0 Sony_Max_tomorrow_01 Sony_Max_reverse_clock Sony_Max_double_bill Sony_Max_triple_bill tomorrow Sony_Max_comingup_02 Sony_Max_comingup_footage_02 Sony_Max_next_02



Directed by: Plenty
Creative Director: Pablo Alfieri
Art Director: Federico Kanno
Animation Director: Hernán Estévez
Executive Producer: Inés Palmas
Producer: Clara Etcheverry
Graphic Design: Federico Kanno, Federico Bogado & Lucía Izco
3D Modelling:
Federico Kanno & Federico Bogado

3D Animation: Hernán Estévez & Maximiliano Riedel
Lighting, Shading & Rendering: Federico Kanno & Federico Bogado
Compositing: Matías Mastrogiano
Year: 2015

Client: Sony Max India
Creative Director: Nidhin Antony
Head of Programming: Udayan Shukla
Head of Business: Neeraj Vyas
Producer: Arif Mohamed


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