World Heritage Channel

The World Heritage Channel is a premium and 100% pure documentary channel available in Asia that showcases mankind’s greatest treasures. Programming spans nature, travel, history and culture that takes discerning viewers on inspiring and immersive journeys to the most treasured places on Earth – UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

Ink Project conceptualized the WHC logo as an eclipse. Its’ reveal is always sophisticated and dramatic. Its’ look is therefore always premium. It is here that we celebrate the world and all its’ wonders in one place.

The channel appeals to audiences who seek a meaningful and undiluted documentary television destination. Through the World Heritage Channel, viewers can experience the beauty of our world and our heritage, as well as discovering the sights, sounds and tastes of breath-taking landscapes, wildlife, colorful festivals, isolated tribes and unique cuisines.

The idents are shot beautifully. The logo with the eclipse part showing mulit-coloured light almost like an aurora, lends it a magical and epic feel. The other parts of packaging are minimal with no-nonsense feel to it which truly befits the channel.




WHC_idents_stills19 WHC_idents_stills56 WHC_idents_stills66 WHC_idents_stills88 WHC_idents_stills36 WHC_01_K_Ident_Travel WHC_08_D1_PROMO_END_HISTCULT WHC_08_A_PROMO_END_TRAVEL WHC_09_C_PROMO_END WHC_014_E-bump WHC_013_E_NEXT WHC_08_E_PROMO_END WHC_015_D-bump WHC_05_PROMO-OPENER WHC_08_D_PROMO_END WHC_09_E_PROMO_END_V2 WHC_07_A_Lower3rd


WHC_Book WHC_Bag WHC_Billboard



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