SPIKE (2015)

“Spike has always been a brand that pushes the boundaries of the unexpected. As the national network shifted focus from male-centric entertainment to programming with broader appeal, they needed a visual expression that succinctly encapsulated the brand’s bold, disruptive movement forward.

The identity centres around a powerful new brandmark. A visual representation of approachable edginess, Spike’s new logo features clean, classic typography and a diagonal “edge” that breaks the norm, creating movement and tension. The 46.11-degree angle allows the brandmark to be perfectly balanced without stretching the letterforms. It’s simple and modern, reinforcing the tenacity personified by Spike.

Spike’s new “edge” runs across all visual identity assets. Contrasting imagery and colour are both divided and connected. A bold B&W primary colour palette compliments the sharp, high contrast identity system and is accented by unexpected and sophisticated tones. The photography is vivid and editorial, allowing the viewer to become immersed in situations and characters.

The result is a visual and metaphorical shift representing the Spike’s confident forward momentum” – Blue Marlin

The brandmark was developed by Blue Marlin and the team at Juniper Jones & the internal creative team of Spike worked on the channel packaging.

The ability of the package to exist on digital platforms was imperative to Spike. We took a “no design for design’s sake” approach, eliminating flourishes so the message always takes center stage; this brought a clean, sophisticated edge to the new brand identity.
We crafted an animation language that is both functional and engaging so that the information conveyed is easily digestible and leaves a lasting impression on Spike’s viewers.

– Juniper Jones


Spike_Tonight-TheGray Spike_TonightTrans Spike_LipSync Spike_Now3 Spike_Menu


Spike_iPad0-600x338 Spike_Toolkit_1 Styleguide_1-Spike_600x338 Spike_Branding_001 Spike_Branding_000 Spike_Branding_003 Spike_Branding_002



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