Style Rebrand

The Style Network is a television channel owned by NBCUniversal targeted to “women 18-49 with a passion for the best in relatable, inspiring and transformational lifestyle programming.” Style counts with 75 million cable and satellite subscribers, tuning in to shows like Jerseylicious, Chicagolicious, and How Do I Look? In June 2012, Style introduced a new logo and on-air identity designed by New York, NY-based Gretel

“We took our initial inspiration from something in the original brief: seeing the world through a ‘style-filter’ and we channeled it into the idea of illustrating how a style-obsessed mind works. How do uber-style-fans see the world? They’re constantly searching, marking, clipping, pinning, liking, blogging, comparing, shopping. They’re looking at your shoes, watch and wondering where you got that shirt. We tried to visualize that process and illustrate that mindset.

The logo itself is an example of this idea in action, it can easily be dressed up or down without losing its core identity. It can feel sophisticated and subtle or brash and bold”


Style Network Rebrand Style Network Rebrand Style Network Rebrand Style Network Rebrand Style Network Rebrand Style Network Rebrand Style Network Rebrand Style Network Rebrand Style Network Rebrand Style Network Rebrand Style Network Rebrand Style Network Rebrand

The on-air system is full of scribbly lines and silhouetted clothes and accessories, making if feel like an art director choosing photos and marking up editorial spreads. It gives it a very fresh feel steering away from the 3D look which all the other networks are doing on nowadays.

Executive Creative Director : Greg Hahn
Creative Director : Ryan Moore
Art Director : Kiffer Keegan
Director of Photography : Tom Edwards
Design : Ryan Moore, Carl Burton, Danny Ruiz, Dylan Mulvaney, Naomie Ross, Sarah Ancalmo, Serge Kirsanov
Animation Lead : AJ Kolb, Marco Giampaolo
Animation : AJ Kolb, Andrew Chung, Bryan Cobonpue, Chris Linea, Irene Park, Manu Gaulot, Marco Giampaolo, Dorian West
Producer : Ryan McLaughlin
Production Coordinator :Kate Johnson
Copywriter : Alison Hess
Design Support : Chen Longo, Katrina Soo Hoo, Thai Ngo

Style Network
SVP, Brand Strategy / Creative Director : Bear Fisher
VP, On Air Creative : Bob Pederson
VP, Digital / New Media : Carlos Sapene
Sr Art Director, On Air Design : Lauraine Gibbons
Sr Art Director, Print : Patricia Folgar
Director, On Air Creative Production : Kim Adelman
Director, Print / Online Design : Alexandria Voyatzis
Graphics Producer, On Air Design : Amy Bury
Manager, On Air Creative Production : Pamela Abraham
Manager, Print Production : Teresa Tonai

Brand Consultant: Monica Halpert




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