Time Warner Cable News

Troika was assigned to rebrand Time Warner Cable News’ suite of 16 channels, including NY1, NY1 Noticias, and 14 additional stations throughout New York, North Carolina and Texas, by establishing a unified brand strategy, position, and identity. Raise awareness that the stations are a Time Warner Cable product, in turn establishing the cable provider as a trustworthy, credible, and progressive source for local news.

“Troika collaborated with Time Warner Cable’s news team and local affiliates to articulate brand values, attributes, pillars, and an ownable position. The new strategy highlights the importance of Time Warner Cable News’ connection to the community, straightforward coverage style, and delivering a modern news experience to audiences.” – Troika’s website


The conceptual platform “App-eal” informs the identity, which delivers a human, communal viewing experience that unifies all 16 channels under a friendly, clean design.
The rebrand spans across news packaging, network packaging, image and promotional packaging, and show packaging.

A cohesive logo system anchors the identity, establishing a signature mark for any Time Warner Cable News station by merging the brand equities of Time Warner Cable and the local affiliates.Time Warner Cable News Rebrand
Promotional elements are built to provide a distinctly local feel through a system that allows each station to incorporate local imagery within the same umbrella package.
Time Warner Cable News
Each station is provided with high production value franchise packages within an easy-to-update framework.
Time Warner Cable news
The new identity informs show packaging as well. Troika developed packages for NY1’s The Call and local political program Capital Tonight that use the same inspiration as Time Warner Cable News’ news, promotional, and network packaging.
Time Warner Cable News
Time Warner Cable News NY1 – New York City’s beloved and trusted news source – was announced through an image spot that expresses Time Warner Cable News’ values of bringing the community together and providing hyper-local coverage, housed within the umbrella brand identity.

For the first time, Time Warner Cable News owns a singular strategic point-of-view and cohesive, modern, and hyper-local brand identity that celebrates the community.
Time Warner Cable News



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