Channel 5 (Mediacorp)

Mediacorp Channel 5 is a 24-hour English general news and entertainment free-to-air terrestrial television channel in Singapore

The recent rebranding of Mediacorp’s Channel 5 was done by Carbon, a hong kong based motion design house.

The use of chocolate brown color for the look of a channel is quite a new one. The other bright green, blue, purple,red and orange colors perfectly complement the chocolate brown color of the packaging. The slicing and revealing look also looks pretty sleek and sophisticated.

Ch5_Stills_051 Ch5_Stills_46 Ch5_Stills_45 Ch5_Stills_44 Ch5_Stills_43 Ch5_Stills_41 Ch5_Stills_40 Ch5_Stills_331 Ch5_Stills_321 Ch5_Stills_31 Ch5_Stills_281 Ch5_Stills_261 Ch5_Stills_241 Ch5_Stills_231 Ch5_Stills_49 Ch5_Stills_48 Ch5_Stills_50 Ch5_Stills_08_1 Ch5_Stills_081 Ch5_Stills_071 Ch5_Stills_061



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