CNBC Prime

CNBC Prime’s slick packaging was done by Gretel.

“CNBC is the dominant voice in financial news. As a result, they capture a huge, affluent, loyal audience every single day. They recognized an opportunity to expand their brand into Primetime with entertainment programming anchored around the network’s core theme: money. This new brand needed to appeal to upwardly mobile men, feel premium without being elitist, and make a clear visual and tonal break from Business Day.

We engineered the look, feel, motion and voice to create a premium, masculine brand with an edge. Stark black and white photography and simple, monospaced type create a marked contrast to the busy, colorful, data-driven daypart. Language injects the design with a confident, cocky tone. In motion, the imagery shears into clean, graphic slices that ease from shot to shot with the precision of a Swiss watch. A crisp logo resolve caps off every promo and ID. The mark itself is simple, balanced and bold.

In addition to the graphic toolkit, we shot live-action in the California desert and the Hollywood Hills to build a library of luxury and lifestyle footage. To round out the toolkit, we also curated a library of premium sourced photography.” – Gretel’s website



cnbc_prime_brand_package_01 cnbc_prime_brand_package_07 cnbc_prime_brand_package_06 cnbc_prime_brand_package_05 cnbc_prime_brand_package_04 cnbc_prime_brand_package_03 cnbc_prime_brand_package_02cnbc_prime_branding_grid_08 cnbc_prime_branding_grid_07 cnbc_prime_branding_grid_06 cnbc_prime_branding_grid_04 cnbc_prime_branding_grid_05 cnbc_prime_branding_grid_03 cnbc_prime_branding_grid_02 cnbc_prime_branding_grid_01 cnbc_prime_brand_package_13 cnbc_prime_brand_package_14 cnbc_prime_brand_package_12 cnbc_prime_brand_package_11 cnbc_prime_brand_package_10 cnbc_prime_brand_package_09

CNBC Prime logo exploration

Client: CNBC
Design + Animation: Gretel
Typefaces: Decima Mono, Tungsten, Interstate


Check out for more.


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