“We were called in to create the rebrand of YTV,
following the path of what we had done the previous year for The Zone, their iconic daytime programming block.

Based on the concept of “Energy Strands” as a representation of kids’ endless energy, this new package seeks to provide a unique, surprising environment and a visceral experience, creating a much needed fresh new identity for the network.

These Strands are the core element of the graphics package: an exciting, dynamic way to represent the enduring energy of children and their high-powered, ever-changing spirit.

The project involved a slight revamp of the Logo, the creation of several On-Air elements and a Promo Toolkit that started to roll out by the end of 2014, and continued with a series of IDs, 3 of them purely graphic and 8 others that combine live action footage of the network talents with the Energy Strands.” – Source Eloisa Iturbe’s website


ytv-rebrand-01 ytv-rebrand-03 ytv-rebrand-04 ytv-rebrand-05 ytv-rebrand-06 ytv-rebrand-07 ytv-rebrand-10 ytv-rebrand-11 ytv-rebrand-12 ytv-rebrand-14 ytv-rebrand-15 ytv-rebrand-16 ytv-rebrand-17 ytv-rebrand-18

Check out for more.


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