Disney Cinema

Disney Cinema is the premium movie channel that brings the family together. Broadcasting great Disney classics, the catalogue has recently expanded to embrace those of Pixar, Lucas Films and Disney Nature in order to accommodate a wider audience.

Movement needed to establish an identity that builds on Disney heritage while making room for the studios which lately joined the family. In other words, they wanted to create a cohesive whole, out of multiple entities. Hence the concept of a castle (sounds familiar) made out of several distinct elements, so to embody this unique set of movies.

Inorder to reflect the diversity within a unified concept. Movement developed a collection of thematic idents that spanned the wide array of genres offered by the channel and assert it’s strong cinematic personality. They worked on a series of landscapes and environments as a away to epitomize the greatness of Disney cinema.

The moment I saw the channel packaging, I was blow away by the epicness and scale of the idents. They really have that magical & other-worldly feel to it. The packaging truly gives justice to the Disney legacy. Amazing work by Movement!

disney-brand-identity-idents-romance-02-960x540 disney-brand-identity-idents-romance-01-960x540 disney-brand-identity-idents-nature-03-960x540 disney-brand-identity-idents-03-960x540 disney-brand-identity-show-package-nature-06-960x540 disney-brand-identity-idents-04-e1442854016489-960x540 disney-brand-identity-idents-stairs-06-768x432 disney-brand-identity-idents-animation-3d-05-960x540 (1) disney-brand-identity-show-package-nature-07-960x540 disney-brand-identity-show-package-romance-04-960x540 disney-brand-identity-show-package-12-960x540 disney-brand-identity-show-package-nature-01-960x540 disney-brand-identity-show-package-06b-992x559 disney-brand-identity-idents-nature-06-960x540 disney-brand-identity-idents-romance-06-960x540 Disney Cinema disney-brand-identity-show-package-05-960x540

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