La Effe

La Effe’s channel branding was done by Nerdo Design Collective, a creative studio based in Turin (Italy)

“Feltrinelli is an eclectic, multifaceted, plural, versatile way of thinking.

As one of the biggest editorial house in Italy, the group wanted to offer to its audience a way to make use of television contents through a different perspective. A perspective that leaves space to critical thinking and wants to encourage personal opinion by treating current issues.
Our work had to reflect the spirit of the company, which traditionally has a publishing background, in a new way. We took inspiration from the print graphic treatments to create an appropriate brand.
That’s why we chose to use serif and sans-serif typefaces such as Trade Gothic Bold Condensed and Utopia Regular, in a very large body, together with a color treatment on footage in a way that could represent the origins of the group but at the same time away from the vintage feeling.”- Nerdo’s website

The packaging is typography based with clean, flat & crisp 2d animations.

CaseStudy-LaEffe-02 CaseStudy-LaEffe-11 CaseStudy-LaEffe-10 CaseStudy-LaEffe-09 CaseStudy-LaEffe-08 CaseStudy-LaEffe-06 CaseStudy-LaEffe-05 CaseStudy-LaEffe-04 CaseStudy-LaEffe-03

Branding by: NERDO
Art Direction, Concept, Design, Animations:
Alessandro Durando // Daniele Gavatorta // Lorenzo Levrero
YEAR: 2013
TYPE: Branding

Head of Content and Communication: Riccardo Chiattelli
Brand Manager: Fabio Pietranera

Original Music: Smider
Sound Design: Andrea Pestarino

MUSIC (Reel): Town of Saints – Carousel (Label: Snowstar Records (


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