CLASSICA is the worldwide leading pay TV station for premium classical music such as opera, concerts, jazz and ballet. BDA Creative, Germany rebranded the entire corporate design – from the logo to the channel branding. You can see a striking play of colour, graphics and rhythm as well as an effective accentuation of emotion in the idents. This is design on a high level, succeeding in brushing the dust off classical music and allowing the dynamism and live qualities of the music to enter into the design. A fantastic work with a high degree of recognisability.

The idents and the musical score are beautiful and really brings out the true essence of the channel. The way the idents are made with the lights are projected on the walls of an opera, amphitheatre and other music related places are truly beautiful.

bdacreative-classica-channelrebrand-05 bdacreative-classica-idents-update1 bdacreative-classica-idents-update4 bdacreative-classica-channelrebrand-04 bdacreative-classica-channelrebrand-03 bdacreative-classica-channelrebrand-02 bdacreative-classica-channelrebrand-01Classica Joy chairs Classica endp Classica ident-4 Classica angle Classica swan-2 Classica ident-1 Classica 61-ref Classica ENVY-CLASSICA-WE-B Classica victory Classica trees


Most of us love the way classical music makes us feel. We love the music itself, but many of us have a perception of classical music as an institution of closed doors and grand venues. We were
therefore excited to receive a brief from a passionate client that wanted to open these doors, reaching a fresh audience with a contemporary channel.
What does music sound like?
We started with how the channel sounds.  We wanted the channel to have emotion, to have heart, so we gave it a pulse. This idea came from our
client, Johannes, and we jumped on it – it is a really elegant way of tying together emotion and music, in the form of rhythm. The music was scored with a
heartbeat at its core, and compositions were written to the classic troupes of classical music and opera: Love, Joy, Hope, Victory, Envy, Anger, Insanity,
Suspense, Grief and Death.  We wanted the audio brand to drive the creative, and this felt like the perfect solution.
What does music look like?
Classical music is always experienced live. Even a recording is live and unmixed, and all live performance – on stage, in a club, or in a
concert hall, is beautifully lit. A live performance
The channel identity is sound reactive. We illuminated the channel with our signature branding element, and for our idents, with the help
of a powerful projector, an able technician, and an Epic Red Dragon, projected music into the environment: owning unexpected places and spaces with a living,
sound reactive channel identity: a live performance pulsing with colour.
Classica produces an astonishingly high quantity of its own content. This enables the channel to brand pretty much
whichever environment it chooses, including the venues where this content is recorded and filmed – we can brand an orchestra, or the entrance to an opera
house in a very clean, distinctive way.

– Source (BDA Creative)


Creative Director: Tim Finnamore
Art Director: Anika Flade, Jim Greensdale
Audio: Klangstüberl
Additional OSP development: Magnus Schluter


Check out for more.


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