Flik is a newly launched Indonesian movie channel. The programming contains all Indonesian movies from 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, to current date. All digitally re-mastered in HD quality.
BDA Creative Singapore worked on the complete branding for the channel including coming up with the channel’s name.CONCEPT
The concept of the branding revolves around the meaning of “Flik” itself, which is a localized word originated from the word “Flick”. Flick means strike or propel (something) with a sudden quick movement of the fingers, or it could also means a cinema film. The Flik logo movements and animation represent a flicking library of film. The letters from the logo will expand and flick, providing an incredible landscape of movement. The flicking of the letters will emulate the celluloid of old flicking through a reel and the graceful motion of modern machines. It symbolises the relentless passage of time and the beauty that comes from this history.
 [youtube https://youtu.be/tbCm3uwKdUQ]

Flik_ID_HD_Clean_2+(0-00-03-05)Flik_ID_HD_Clean_2+(0-00-05-14) Flik_ID_HD_Clean_2+(0-00-05-21) Flik_ID_HD_Clean_2+(0-00-07-22) Flik_ID_HD_Clean_2+(0-00-07-24) Flik_ID_HD_Clean_2+(0-00-10-05) Flik_ID_HD_Clean_2+(0-00-12-12) Flik_ID_HD_Clean_2+(0-00-16-09) Flik_ID_WIP_08_CutStyle+(0-00-19-24) Flik_Lower3rd_Sample Flik_NowNextLater_Sample Flik_EndPage_Sample Flik_PB_Bumper_01+(0-00-00-02)

STATIONERY DESIGN01_Flik_Stationary_Overview_V02 02_Flik_Stationary_NameCard_V01 03_Flik_Stationary_Letterhead_V02&03 04_Flik_Stationary_Presentation+Folder+&+Envelopes_V02 06_Letterhead_Flat_V01_02_03 07_Flik_Presentation+Folder_V01

WEBSITE DESIGN01_Website_MockUp_All 02_Website_MockUp_Macbook 03_Website_MockUp_Ipad 04_Flik_Website_Home_V01 05_Flik_Website_Shows_V01 06_Flik_Website_Schedule_V01 07_Flik_Website_AboutUs_V01

Produced in BDA Creative Singapore.
Creative Director: Matthew Giffen
Visual Concept, 3D, Design & Motion Graphic: Martin Altanie
Check out www.ArtofChannelBranding.com for more.

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