Tsargrad TV

Tsargrad TV, is a Russian Orthodox TV channel, which aims to put a conservative yet modern spin on global news. Dobro CCS  worked on the channel branding of this channel.

The channel idents starts off with the breaking of the dawn which represents a new day, highlighting the main building of the church with various religious elements like the cross, doves flying across and the ringing of the church bell in the end to give the feeling of a church type environment.

The news ident has got some nice smooth transitions.

The color palette used is quite rich with the use of gold and whites to bring that heavenly feel to it. Even the glass elements is used adds to the whole look and feel of the channel.


Tsargrad Main ID 2015Tsargrad Main ID Packshot Options by Dobro CCS, Russia, Russian Federation Tsargrad tv channel, russia


TG News Opening by DobroCCSTG News Opening 007 dobroccs 04 dobroccs 03 dobroccs 02 dobroccs 01 Tsargrad News Package 2015 01 TG News Opening 009 TG News Opening 008Tsargrad News Package 2015TG News Opening 002TG News Opening 003TG News Opening 004TG News Opening 005TG News Opening 006


Agency: Dobro CCS

Team: Andrew SerkinAndrey Krasavin

Check out www.ArtofChannelBranding.com for more.


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