Premium Prestige

Prestige Premium is the first temporary channel of Mediaset Premium platform.
The channel hosts a series of exclusive content and original, dedicated to the TV series and movies. An exclusive schedule with ample space dedicated to the great stories of the cinema. Prestige Premium will have an eye on the television series , set in emblematic places and VIP character. Many content dedicated to the films , interpreted by the great actresses and the most charismatic actors.

Monkey Talkie worked on the packaging of this channel. Standing true to it’s name ‘PRESTIGE’, the packaging looks classy and hi-end with the combination of the white, black & gold color palette. You can get a premium feel just by looking at the packaging.




Premium Prestige channel branding by Monkey TalkieIdent per il canale Premium Prestige Premium Prestige broadcast design by Monkey Talkie Premium Prestige channel branding by Monkey Talkie Catch Me If you Can Mad Men on Premium Prestige channel, milan, italy


Agency: Monkey Talkie 

Design & Animation: Alina Capellino


Check out for more.


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