ZJSTV (2016)

ZJSTV 2016 channel recently had a brand refresh done by JL Design.

“ZJSTV is not just about bringing entertainment to their audience, they hope to help them fulfill their dreams especially through the various reality shows created. The image spot featuring a dream-making factory is to impress upon the audience that through the creative prowess of the channel, dreams can be realized.

In the spot, a couple is seen to be wandering in a dream-making factory. They are met by different channel hosts at every stage, providing them with directions and guidance. The couple wanders through the various magical and wonderful rooms to arrive finally at their dreams in the last stage, amid much fanfare and jubilation. The dream cube that they are carrying in their hand is just like the many cubes seen in the factory, powering the imagination and creating possibilities for the realization of dreams.” – JL Design website

ZJSTV_65sec_img01_bZJSTV_65sec_img02_b ZJSTV_65sec_img03_b ZJSTV_65sec_img04_b ZJSTV_65sec_img05_b ZJSTV_65sec_img06_b

ZJSTV ZJSTV_package_img02_b ZJSTV_package_img08_b ZJSTV_package_img07_b ZJSTV_package_img06_b

Check out www.ArtofChannelBranding.com for more.


Design Agency: JL DESIGN
Creative Director:JL 羅申駿
Executive Producer:Angela Moo 巫安琪
Senior Producer:Chia Ying Tsai 蔡佳穎
Project Manager: Jerry Fang 方宜正
Art Director: Lance Wei 魏良恩
Lead Designer: Utsuo Chen 陳映男, Hsiang Ju Hung 洪湘茹
Designer : Peter Kienetz , Jim Hsu 許峻良, Hsijen Liu 劉熙真, Daniel Chang張淳堯, Orange Chen 陳郁文, Jarvis Lim 林旂鋒

Director:Arvin Chen 陳駿霖
Producer:Sky Chao 趙天豪
DOP:Chou Yihsien 周宜賢
Art Director:Dato Wang 王誌成
Production Company:Sky Limit Pictures Co.,Ltd. 頑影映像有限公司
Line Producer:Chuang Pei-Fen 莊佩芬
Onset VFX Supervisor : 洪鈺堂 Rex Hon (白輻射影像)
Casting:Maxine Tung 董妍玫
Stylist:LinLin 林翎, Emma Lin 林育妘
Make Up Artist: 江妮
Hair Stylist: 依宸

VFX company : WeFX Studio
CG Lead:黃啟銘 Kevin Huang
3D Artist: 楊欣林 Aeolian Yang, 李翰宇 Han Lee, 楊敬淳 ChinChun Yang, 何孟翰 Han Ho
FX Artist:游永杰 Jack Yu, 邱柏鈞 Children Chiu
Compositor:吳佩蓉 Carol Wu, 楊舒宜 Shu-I Yang, 洪鈺堂 Rex Hon (白輻射影像)
Color Grading:左志中 Seadog Tso
RD Head:張維倉 WeiTsang Chang
Project Coordinator:劉心圓 Kate Liu
Editing:洪鈺堂 Rex Hon (白輻射影像) (65″) /許峻良Jim Hsu(JL DESIGN) (10”)
Music: A-len Yue/ MUSDM
Sound Effects : Rockid Lee /MUSDM


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