Caracol Televisión

Caracol Televisión is a Colombian private national television network, owned by the Santo Domingo Group
Future Brand Colombia chose Vascolo to freshen up the graphical identity package of Caracol Television. Their brief to Vascolo was to be creative and innovative as much as it had to be measured and sober. Since the channel hadn’t updated its image for 10 years, so it couldn’t bring about an aggressive change for the viewer. Vascolo explored different possible graphic styles and ended up with a package linked to the original image but with added values in relation to morphology, movement and color.
The packaging centers around the DOT of the Caracol logo, which it uses as the primary element.

Caracol Televisión rebrand by Vascolo, Buenos Aires ArgentinaCaracol Televisión rebrand by Vascolo, Buenos Aires Argentina Caracol Televisión 03 Caracol Televisión 04 Caracol Televisión 05 Caracol Televisión 06

General Director: Martín Schurmann
Animation Director: Ernesto Reyna
Graphic Design: Nicolás Castro
Production: Ivana GorositoAt FutureBrand Argentina
Art Director: Ileana CoppoliAt FutureBrand Colombia
Production: Natalia Pizano

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