CBS Chello Zone

Studio Hansa from UK worked on the packaging of the complete rebrand of CBS Chello Zone’s portfolio of TV channels across EMEA.

“As one of the most famous media brands in the world, The CBS eye logo achieves instant global recognition. It is a design classic. It was decided that the identity should be uncontrived in the use of the logo and the identity evolved to show views into fantastic worlds contained in rooms.

The device by which this is done is a portal – CBS has given a glimpse into a fantastic alternate space, an epic adventure, yet the CBS logo remains simple, elegant and understated. The logo does not entertain. it is a gateway or endorsement to spectacular entertainment.” – Studio Hansa

The idents have a nice concept and approaches the various genres beautifully. And area all shot amazingly.



The Network identity shows off the diversity of the brand. It is a fantastic world with a paint machine mixing colours on a spinning canvas. Using the different channel colours, it embodies the notion of variety and the idea of something for everyone. It is a kaleidoscope of entertainment.


Drama is about the construct webs we weave in storytelling of all forms.These are Dreamlike scenarios where
seemingly disparate moments of drama collide – to create a moving collage of powerful moments. Objects and people intersect via colourful wires that show the ‘strings attached’ to the building blocks of fascinating Drama.
The visual spin on the ‘Frozen moment’ technique is to both outline the tangled web construct, but equally to regale in the imperfections of life, the nuances and also an unpretentious allusion to ‘showing the joins’

Drama 5sec ID Example

Drama 10sec ID Example

Drama 10sec ID Example


Reality is about ‘Cause & Effect’. The CBS world we enter here is a fantastical lab – A place of
observation, where life and people come under the microscope. We see extraordinary things spring
from the ordinary:

a. Fantastical constructions of objects defined from the rich tapestry of life that collaborate to make a spectacular chain of events.

b. The extraordinary characters that inhabit our everyday worlds. Reality is a place to celebrate the unique, scenes are often punctuated by a catalyst that is branded with the channels zesty yellow colour. It is a place of voyeurism concerned with truths that are often stranger than fiction, sometimes spilling over into the downright bizarre.



Action offers us a glimpse into yet another fantastical world. Part hangar, part shooting range, Action contains a vivid orange-branded rail that weaves throughout.

The embodiment of the turbulent journey of action narratives, we follow a cart as it hurtles and weaves it’s way through. However it is no ordinary vessel, producing an arsenal of weaponry it amazingly conquers every target that surprises us along the way…from pinball paddles, kung-fu fighters and alien beings.

The idea reinforces the iconic colour-based proposition of CBS Chellozone (orange) coupled with the premium space and the high-adrenaline spectacle of action based stories.


Europa is the repository of cinematic dreams. A cross between a museum and an epic sound stage, Icons of cinema history (both old and new) take us on a majestical kinetic journey. The journey is driven by cinema barriers and plush red rope that act as virtual guides and delivering us a performance of epic proportions.suggestive of movies we know and love.




cbs-europa-landscape-1 Making_of_Montage Image_Montage_update1 cbs-action-landscape-1 cbs-reality-landscape-11 cbs-drama-landscape-1Polish_Comercial_Stills CBS_trade_ADs4


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