Discovery Dmax

DMAX is a thematic network television, owned by Discovery Communications Group. It’s the first factual-entertainment channel for the male audience in Italy.

Discovery Italy assigned Tommaso D’Angelosante a new exciting task for Dmax Channel for realizing a completely brand new visual identity with ten new idents and bumpers tailored for the main shows of the channel. Tommaso created a new flexible and unique system to integrate the talents’ photos inside each elements. The packaging adds a fresh and summery look, while maintaining the direct masculine language of Dmax. It contains an explosive mix of simple shapes, pictures and 3d objects moving along in 3d space, which makes everything popout.

Affare Fatto | Auction Hunters

Affare Fatto

Nudi e Crudi | Naked and Afraid

Nudi e Crudi

Affari a quattro ruote | Wheeler Dealers

Affari a quattro ruote

Banco dei Pugni | Hardcore Pawn

Banco dei Pugni

Rimozione Forzata | South Beach Tow

Rimozione Forzata

Ultima Fermata Alaska | Railroad Alaska

Ultima Fermata Alaska

Wild Frank

Wild Frank

Bellator MMA

Bellator MMA

Bear Grylls | Man vs. Wild

Bear Grylls

Unti e Bisunti

Unti e Bisunti

Check out for more.


Discovery – Dmax VP

Brand and Creative: Roberto Bagatti

Art direction: Chiara Cerutti

Design & Animation: Tommaso D’Angelosante

Music and sound design: Carlos Zarattini



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