“5 is an entertainment television channel with its own unique programme formats for talk shows and reality shows, as well as for lifestyle and tabloid reporting. Detachment and humour are the two most important characteristics. 5’s logo is made up of four components that can also be used alone as separate elements. The most significant is the exclamation mark, symbolising the impact value of tabloid headlines and other emotive statements. The others are a full stop, colon, quotes, and others.” – Oficina’s site

Love the creative use of the logo in various forms and how the logo adapts and plays various characters!

!5_Manual_Exp_2.indd!5_Manual_Exp_2.indd !5_Manual_Exp_2.indd !5_Manual_Exp_2.indd !5_Manual_Exp_2.indd !5_Manual_Exp_2.indd !5_Manual_Exp_2.indd !5_Manual_Exp_2.indd !5_Manual_Exp_2.indd !5_Manual_Exp_2.indd !5_Manual_Exp_2.indd !5_Manual_Exp_2.indd

Check out www.ArtofChannelBranding.com for more.


Production: Oficina
Concept: Oficina
DOP: David Marvan
Art Direction: Oficina
Collaboration: Petr Bradacek, Jan Drozda
Postproduction: David Vrubel, Vlada Rehak
Music: Jan Cechticky
Client: TV Metropol
Director: Oficina


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