Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (Central German Broadcasting, MDR) is the public broadcaster for the federal states of Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt.

The brief by the client was to create a more mature, clean and pure on-air appearance – in contrast to the existing design, which was rather colorful and frisky.


The “Frame” was taken as the main concept. The frame was designed to “own” all sorts of varying content and hold information, without occupying too much real estate on screen. A concept which was pretty well executed.

mdr 01mdr 02 mdr 03


mdr 04

The color of the »stage« adapts to seasonal campaigns such as christmas or winter. Capturing the overall reduced tonality, we chose a toned-down, confident and rich colour-palette with a little bit of texture.

mdr 05

The trailer sequences follow a clear visual structure. The »Nullbild« opens, while the voice-over starts time and date are revealed. Towards the end, the packshot with all necessary information appears and transitions into the closing animation. Each trailer sequence can completely be produced efficiently in a typical broadcast avid-workflow, since all elements were delivered as several pre-rendered layers. This also simplified the internal workflow of several MDR departments.

mdr 06

The frame is interpreted differently within idents. Invisible at first, it surprisingly changes the color, appearance or nature of elements.
 mdr 07 mdr 08 mdr 09 mdr 10 mdr 11
Through the entire design system, the frame appears in several variations. From graphic cards to elaborate idents, it provides for a consistent device – sometimes playful, sometimes informative, sometimes clean and reduced.
mdr 12 mdr 13
The »Nullbild« is like a neutral framework for every promotion. It has both a structural and a visual component. The modular approach also allows for last-minute changes within the promotion schedule or order of trailer-sequences since it allows for every possbile combination. With a flowing opening and closing animations, it guides the viewer from programme to promotion to programme.
mdr 15 mdr 16 mdr 17 mdr 18 mdr 19 mdr 20 mdr 21 mdr 22 mdr 28 mdr 25 mdr 23 mdr 24 mdr 26
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MDR television
Creative direction : Klaus W. Schuntermann
Art-direction : Kristian Walter
Project management : Julia Hermann
Concept. Production. Creative direction : Alexander Hanowski
Animation. Design. (main package. campaigns. campaign stings) : Dominik Esser
Animation. Design. (stings main package) :  Alexander Heyer, Tom Abel

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