Film4’s new identity is produced by London-based studio ManVsMachine and overseen by Channel 4’s own 4Creative. They had a complete overhaul of their OSP and idents done and gave it a more cinematic feel to it.
All the idents were shot in-camera, utilising a device that stacks frames upon frames to give the effect of a moving film strip or individual animated frames. The result is simply amazing.
Each of the idents are sprinkled with various cinematic references, from slight nods to props used in famous movies, whether that be sets or characters from famous movies.

They created an onscreen system that references cinematic poster design and type treatments to lend a movie-theatre atmosphere to the channel.

The overall packaging is just superb!!




woods_wolves03 woods_light stairwell_redballoon02 stairwell_piano stairwell_chase


03_OSP 07_OSP Film4-01 Film4-02Film4 packaging by Man vs Machine

Check out for more.


Concept, Design & Direction:  ManvsMachine
Creative Director: Dan Chase (4creative)
Producer: Liz Arnott (4creative)
DoP: Alex Barber
Art Direction / Set Design: Simon Davies (UK) . Max Orgell (US)
Post production / VFX: Analog
Colourist: Aubrey Woodwiss (ETC)
Offline Editors: Alex lea (Envy) . Nick Armstrong (Envy)
Music Composition: Resonate


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