Ring TV

RING is a Bulgarian sports TV channel.

Rather than taking a purely sports route by showcasing the sports elements. This packaging has taken a more edgier, abstract route which gives it a sense of dynamism and makes it look different from other sports channel.
The channel has got the color palette of Green and Black to make the channel look aggressive and sharp. The whole edgier feel can be seen in the logo design with it’s clean sharp, square lines and with cut up slants in the 24 ring packaging.




03f3fe34471519.56f8e12cebab8 c8c03f34471519.56f8e12cec4b6 e8e81a34471519.56f2ad19267e7

Check out www.ArtofChannelBranding.com for more.


Client: bTV Media group
Concept & Logo Design: Maxim Ivanov
Art Direction: Maxim Ivanov, Evgenii Batinkov
Design Direction, Animation, 3D: Maxim Ivanov, Evgenii Batinkov
Programming, After Effects scripting: Evgenii Batinkov
Sound Design: Lachezar Georgiev
DoP: Martin Simeonov

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