Cosmopolitan Television is a television network brand that targets a young female demographic consisting of acquired scripted television series, films, lifestyle series and more.

Cómodo Screen were approached by Cosmo to update the rebrand that they created for them a few years back. They wanted to simplify the brand’s image, adding gloss, elegance and sophistication. In the channel packaging they added a metallic finish which highlights these qualities.

“Two different textures were explored, one that emulates snakeskin, and the other Paco Rabanne mesh, Frank Gehry surfaces and sequins. Each option was crafted in a specific colour palette. The textures were created with the Cosmo logo tablet, adding further protagonism to the brand.
The end result is a sensory experience, a visual treat that reflects the channel’s values and content.”- Cómodo Screen‘s website










Cosmo 05 Cosmo 04 Cosmo 03 Cosmo 02 Cosmo 06

Check out for more.

Client contact and production: María Borrás
Creative and Art Direction: Pep Prior and Abel Lopez
Creativity: Sonia Cerezal
Animation and Post-Production: Marc García Díez
Communication: Vera Ciria


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