Star Sports

Star India rebranded all its six sports channels by bringing them under one brand “Star Sports”. The new brand identity of Star Sports is a metallic star with an explosive incandescent swooshes symbolising the authority and passion of sports. The sports network has a new tagline called “Believe”.

The rebranding is designed by London-based venturethree who worked with Why Projects on the brand positioning and with Los Angeles, CA-based Capacity to help develop the on-screen packaging for all six channels.

“The philosophy of the new Star Sports brand is to inspire the hero in every sports fan. Brand strategist and venturethree partner Verity Evans said “Star Sports will deliver on this promise by changing the TV and sports landscape in India. Aiming to socialize new sports in India, to bring India high-quality local language coverage and commentary and to raise the quality of sports broadcasting in the region. It’s the start of a sports revolution.”

“In creating the new brand we were not looking to position Star Sports in relation to other sports broadcasters, but to place it firmly in the world of the greatest sports brands.” said Stuart Jane, creative director and partner at venturethree.” – Star Sports Press Release

The overall packaging is dynamic and has got that sports energy in it. The ever burning streak moving at the heart of the Star is also a nice effect.


Star Sports rebranding by Venture Three & CapacityStarSports_09_975 StarSports_10_975 StarSports_17_975 StarSports_18_975 StarSports_20_975 StarSports_27_975 StarSports_24_975 StarSports_25_975 StarSports_28_975 StarSports_29_975 SS_GoKit_01_975 SS_GoKit_02_975 SS_GoKit_03_975 SS_GoKit_04_975 SS_GoKit_05_975 StarSports_12_975 StarSports_07_975 c62d7433207747.56a3ff6e4114f 3e89ce33207747.56a3ff6e4209c a258ea33207747.56a3ff6e44100 99031433207747.56a3ff6e42fe1

Check out for more.

Agency: Bemo & Capacity Collaboration / Los Angeles
Brand Agency: Venturethree / London
Creative Direction: Capacity / Bemo
Bemo / Creative Director: Brandon Hirzel
Bemo / Art Direction – Animation – Compositing: Omer Avarkan
Bemo Animators: Omer Avarkan – Alex Rupert – Khellar Crawford – Alphonse Swinehart
Sound Design: Echolab / Dublin
Bemo Producer: Alex Serrano


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