The Box Channel

The Box is a television channel in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The channel mainly broadcasts music videos.

The core concept was to show The Box as a portal into a parallel universe of excitement and mayhem. In our treatment we created some typically mundane scenes which when viewed through ‘the box’ would be shown to be alive with vibrant, unexpected energy, character and action.

WeAreSeventeen worked on the idents which are truly progressive, imaginative, energetic and a bit eccentric. We get to see the world in a different light filled with crazy object and creatures.





THE_BOX_005 THE_BOX_009 THE_BOX_006 THE_BOX_008 THE_BOX_004 THE_BOX_003 THE_BOX_002The Boc channel branding by We Are Seventeen

Check out for more.


Client: The Box
Production: We Are Seventeen
Design/direction: Mark Haley
Design / Animation : Dan Fitzgerald
3D Animation: Mark Lindner . Martin Salfity . Joe Winston
2D Animation: Carlos De Faria . Sept Putra
Audio: Box of Toys


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