GNT is a Brazilian cable/satellite television channel.
Andres Rossi Studio worked on the current rebranding of the channel. The hand drawn calligraphy style used for the program toolkit and onscreen design, it really stands out from the other channels in the market.
It also adds to the authentic & personal look.

“Globosat contacted us to work on the refresh of GNT channel branding. The client wanted to maintain their logo and the acetates of the previous branding. So we took those elements giving them a new twist and also developed four full and editable lettering alphabets to communicate the titles, providing the channel with his own voice, which was one of the objectives. We also applied that analogic feel for the animations. This is a reel of the promo toolkit.” – Andres Rossi Studio


Golobsat GNT Channel 001GNT_1000 889ab827557351.563670e8e8fab 14366f27557351.5636712a0edebac40cd27557351.56369bbf6482c Golobsat GNT Channel 002 bcd20427557351.563676a8c0287 116e1327557351.56369bbf6fc05bec0c327557351.56369bbf828a2 82a48427557351.56369bbf79445 f6a30927557351.56369bbf6a121 6ca37f27557351.563670a3c0f7c 74a99527557351.56367611144f8 b075d627557351.563670ca96f74 bbb70027557351.563670e6b6554 822cb827557351.563670a34565c 4fb95327557351.563670b033789 e6363227557351.563670afe6bb7 4e937f27557351.563670e673c70 8ec6a727557351.563670ca61bfa 2d2b8127557351.563670afe0a2d 81cc5227557351.563670792364c 44d2b627557351.563670bf6b6d2 77077927557351.563670afbe4ad b4296e27557351.563670ca23b2d b465b227557351.563670af71058 7a091827557351.563670e627596 b1227f27557351.5636709714170 9f052327557351.563670970e4ed de364327557351.5636710654447 deca9b27557351.5636710651d8c 0ce91f27557351.563670c91b9c7 791e7f27557351.563670e08915d 9b430527557351.563670ca096cf ff519927557351.563670c8b4863

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Andres Rossi Studio
Creative & Art Direction: Andres Rossi
Project coordination: Eugenia Laplace
Design: Romina Giarri, Carla Dasso, Andres Rossi
Lettering Artists: Panco Sassano, Yanina Arabena, Guillermo Vizzari
Animation Director: Martin Muerza
2D animation & compositing: Martin Muerza, Ezequiel Odone, Bruno Persico

Client: Globosat
Creative Manager: Marcio Pimenta
Creative Director: Leon Vilhena
Art Directors: Celina Arslania; Monica Puga


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