Family Jr.

Family Jr. is a multiplex service of Family Channel that features programs aimed at a preschool audience.

The team at Roger’s, a Los Angeles, California based motion design house were enlisted for the channel branding and launch of the new channel alongwith a French language version of the channel known as Télémagino.






FamilyJr channel branding by Rogers, Los Angeles, CA

FamilyJr channel branding by Rogers, Los Angeles, CA FamilyJr channel branding by


“Comprised of familiar primitive shapes, the Family Jr. logo is both playful and delightfully simple. An imaginative arrangement, built to connect with both young and old.

Two new logo marks were created. The shapes of Family Jr. were playfully re-arranged forming the Telemagino logo mark. Further, connecting the two, the word mark utilises a rounded version of the same typeface found in Family.” – Roger’s website

Family Jr. logo design Telemagino logo design by Roger. Channel branding of Family Jr. by FamilyJr logo design


“We employed a cast of characters to keep the branding engaging for our young audience. Because our aesthetic was rooted in tactile sensibilities, when we were modeling new characters, we first thought about how you you could make them practically. We wanted each character to look as if it could actually have been made from a real sheet of construction paper. And just as if you were to cut the pieces of paper and fold them you will end up irregularities and parts that don’t quite fit. We wanted to embrace this handmade quality, it’s what gives our characters their charm and realism.”- Roger’s website

These cast of characters are simple, cute and lovely to look at. Those crayon drawn like legs and simple shapes, immediately transports you back to your childhood drawing class. These character are really the heroes of the on-air packaging. Playfully interacting and having fun with the objects around them.

Cute characters of FamilyJr FamilyJr cast of characters FamilyJr cast of characters


“This brand package features two custom typefaces created especially for Family Jr. The first is “Family Cut Sans”. Based off the wonderful geometric sans serif, Avant Garde Gothic, each letter form was hand cut from paper. The subtle irregular imperfections of the cutting make it uniquely Family Jr’s. The basic shapes are constructed from circles and straight lines giving it a friendly and modern look while reinforcing the playful geometric motif. “Family Cut Sans” is best used as a display face for things like headlines or any other large piece of type.

We also created a hand written typeface we call “JR Hand Sans”. This is meant to come from the voice of the viewer. Our aim was to speak to children in a space they were already comfortable with. “JR Hand Sans” loosely references early penmanship samples found in a classroom, or chalk writing on a sidewalk.”- Roger’s website

Family Jr custom typeface Family Jr custom typeface for the channel packaging Family Jr custom typeface Family Jr brand book

FamilyJr channel branding by Roger, 2015 FamilyJr channel branding by Roger, 2015 FamilyJr on-air packaging elements FamilyJr on-air packaging elements FamilyJr on-air packaging elements

The whole packaging looks really refreshing and brought a kid like smile on my face. Amazing work!! by the team at Roger’s

Check out for more.


Client: DHX Media

Studio: Roger

Creative Director: Rich Scurry

Executive Producer: Josh Libitsky

Executive Creative Director: Terence Lee

Head of Production: Brandon Stevenson

Producer: Brandon Stevenson

Art Directors: Belinda Rodriguez, Rich Scurry, Yuki Yamada

Designers: Andy Bernet, Hugo Codinach, Grace Kim, Kay Kim, Yu Kito Lee, D’ara Nazaryan, Belinda Rodriguez, Rich Scurry, Karen To, Rigel Yaluk, Yuki Yamada, Angela Zhu

Technical Director: Justin Wilcott

Type Designer: Andy Burnett

Cel Animators: Matt Everton, Jake Portman, Belinda Rodriguez, Rigel Yaluk,

Lighters: Billy Koch, Patrick Warner, Justin Wilcott

Character Riggers: Geoff Ciccarelli, Justin Wilcott, Kevin Yee

Character Animators: Alfonso Alpuerto, Geoff Ciccarelli, Rob Fox, Tom Gurney James Lane, Evan Mayfield, Eric Molina

Storyboards: Kiva Singh

Compositors: Hugo Codinach, Shawn Lee, Yu Kito Lee, Ben Rohel, Rich Scurry, William Salas

Animators: Hugo Codinach, Shawn Lee, Yu Kito Lee, Ben Rohel, Rich Scurry, William Salas

Editors: Matt Miner, Benjamin Rohel


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